USA : I can't breathe !

                                                                               USA : I can't breathe Mr President Donald Trump...

                                                                               JOE Biden : A NEW Breath , for the United States !!!


                         I can't breathe , mister policeman

                         I can't breathe , with mister Donald Trump

                         I can't breathe with the Republicans

                         I can't breathe freely if I am a black man

                         I wanna breathe , start a new era

                         I wanna breathe , with the Democrats

                         I wanna breathe , with Joe Biden

                         I wanna breathe  & heal the  World !...


                      Too many police crimes Against  minorities

                      Too much injustice, All over the country

                      The United States Must recover the Glory

                      Of a fair Rainbow nation Promoting Humanity !!!


                      This World is hill about  war & pollution

                      The planet climate is getting too warm

                      The covid -19 crisis is like  a warning

                      To change our habits as  human beings


                       Health & Peace  is what we really need

                       Not more inequalities & fightings

                       Restore economy , Peace & race equity

                       A new president in the USA for a New Deal!!!




                                Captainfreddy az - paris 2020  ( copyrights )

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Date de dernière mise à jour : 28/10/2020